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Where are your assets? Not knowing will impact your bottom lineā€¦
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We focus on RTLS, tracking, automatic identification and sensing solutions that impact a wide variety of industries from Automotive to Zoology.

Asset Management

Does your organisation know exactly how many assets it has or where they all are? Does not knowing this impact your business operations?

Let us help you get better visibility of your operations to improve accuracy and reduce costly bottlenecks, asset shortages and asset replenishment costs.

Supply Chain & Warehousing

Does your supply chain allow you to see exactly where your products are, how many there are and when you’ll get them? Would this info allow you to make better decisions and possibly reduce shrinkage

Let us help you get better visibility of your supply chain (or warehouse) to improve distribution and stock accuracy, reduce costly bottlenecks and shrinkage.


What happens to your products when they leave your warehouse? Are they shipped in the right environmental conditions to ensure a high quality product arrives with the customer?

Let us help you get better control to protect your brand, improve end customer satisfaction and ensure the quality is maintained through the supply chain.

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Our skilled team can provide their expertise to your organisation and projects to maximise solution effectiveness and the impact of your business goals.

Real Time Location Solutions  

High precision tracking.

With an accuracy of 30-50 cm, locate critical assets or personnel both indoor and outdoor. Using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) or enhanced BLE sensors as the technology backbone, we offer a customisable RTLS solution with graphical interface, comprehensive API and tracking application.

IoT Communications with GPS 

Long distance outdoor tracking

Outdoor tracking with GPS across many km on private Internet of Things (IoT) networks or nationally through public IoT and cellular networks. Coupled with BLE for indoor, these offer a pragmatic approach to locate and connect “your things” through LPWAN networks like LoRa, SigFox and NB-loT.

RFID and Barcoding

Proximity based automatic identification

Traditional barcodes and passive RFID offer cost effective proximity based tracking to simplify the automatic identification of items at choke points or in high volumes. We offer robust solutions to suit a variety of applications leveraging the power and flexibility of these mature technologies.

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We've served customers in over 15 countries across the world, often in partnership with local integrators and resellers